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Here's the track list and links to the songs, with background info, pics, and lyrics (the files are stripped down MP3s):

Electric Mac
Just You Wait
Stop Messing with my Heart
Old Stuff
Let's Have Fun
Achtung Video
My Virtual Friend
Blue Scream
Electric Mac sat on the shelf. No-one wanted to release it. It was, as usual with my material, before its time.

It was even a long time before the rest of the album was written.

Every year I expected the internet to burgeon, but it didn't. In the eighties we had low grade bulletin boards but no pictures. And the internet was silent. We accessed it by using the Public Data Network through a telephone resting in a cradle, and picking up what sounded like morse code.

Then a few guys at MIT started wearing headsets, and dangling wires from every part of their bodies, but the general public still had no wearables.

 Here's the original electric mac:

An electric mac

How about a power-pack bra?

Voltaic cells bra
The year was 1977, and I wrote a song especially for John Hamilton to program on his EMS Synthi, which he lamented sat in a corner of his studio and no-one used.

It was a song about a time when the internet would be wearable, called Electric Mac.

But the internet, although it went public through Compuserve in 1969, went nowhere for decades, and I put the whole project onto the back burner.

Even when the internet took off with the world wide web, wearables were still not on the menu. They still aren't, but I cant hang onto this album for ever. Maybe life will catch up with me one day.

(This is me wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the Synthi on the front.)

The EMS Synthi