John Clare -- The Blue Scream

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The Blue Scream by John Clare

There is the sound of a mighty animal stirring from its sleep as it slowly lifts into action

The screen flickers
the dials light up
the red lights leap up the ladder of L-E-Ds
the system is searching….. searching…..

I am waiting…..
waiting for an answer
But the silence grows
the red lights glow
the fan spins
but the screen is grey
turns to blue
I am staring at a blue screen
a blue screen
There is silence
the silence whispers to me from amongst the dials
the silence mutters
I am watching the blue screen
and listening to the silence
The silence grows louder
till the whispering silence becomes a scream
a blue scream
a blue scream
of death

The screen disappears into the black hole
I am left alone
The lights go down
vanishing into their sockets
I am sitting in the silence of the electronic grave

            Can you hear me?
            Can you hear me?
                 Is there anybody there?