John Clare -- Cyberman

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Cyberman by John Clare

I got a girl to love
I got the stars above
and dreams to keep me high
There's reality
and there's fantasy
with daydreams floating by
When I look around
and I hear the sound
of people having fun
I get a kick from knowing
that the folks are showing
they can live as one

    Some days      it works
    some days      it dont
    some folks      join in
    but some        folks dont

I got a heart that loves
I got a soul that hopes
I got thoughts and feelings too
I got a nervous system
I got a will that copes
I got daydreams floating thru
but without these things
would my soul have wings
would I feel the same way too?
Or would circuitry
leave nothing of me and you?       

    Some days    i'm sad
    some days     i'm glad
    confused       and vexed
    I'm lost         perplexed

      What I feel about you
      what I love about you
      is that you're so strange
      I never know
      how you're gonna go
      I cant second-guess your ways

If I swapped my heart
for an electric part
and became a cyberman
what would I do
when I met you
would my circuits bust the fan?
Would you jump and jolt
my meagre volts?
Would you fuse my circuits too?
But I guess we know
that my dials would show
nothing special when I saw you

    Some days    i'm sad
    some days    i'm glad
    confused       and vexed
    I'm lost         perplexed