John Clare -- Electric Mac

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Electric Mac  by John Clare

I wear plastic macs
wired for teddy bear heart attacks
Coloured dials all around
pretty good and super slick they're wired for sound

    Hide away all the day I'm okay
    Dont believe a thing they say, I'm okay.

I keep spider's legs,
breed beetles for a friend in my bed
Feed 'em all on choccy-bics,
stroke 'em in my pocket when I'm at the flics

    On my bed I'm all alone, on my phone,
    listening in on my phone to the clones

        I've got hip connections
        rendezvousing at my place
        I get hip connections
        on my phone from outer space

        Cool Vibrations, Cool Vibrations

I've got kinky friends,
they all sit around in their dens
Once a week they get
electrodes from their macs in their heads

    Its all the same, it's a game, just a game
    screw your brain, what's your name? it's a game