John Clare -- Just You Wait

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Just You Wait  by John Clare

Just got back with all my new gear
boxes, boxes everywhere
miles of cables, plugs and sockets
trails of plastic down the stairs

Now my room is like the Tardis
I can rule the world from here
fancy laptops, spooky slim screens
dials and lights wink out at me

    Now I click my secret name and load my avatar
    Now my world is how I dream it, I am now a star

    I can get you, you cant see me, only what I show
    Now my world is how I want it, I dont have to show

        In my world I'm king
            (just you wait!)

I've just made a new persona
changed my face and clothes as well
Now I'll buy some real estate and
make it rich, who can tell?

Now I've got my circuits buzzing
I'll buy up that lot next door,
be the top cat, be the smart guy,
be in control