John Clare:  Curtain

Curtain by John Clare

The title poem is one of my most requested at performance. There are audio versions of most of these poems available with the text copy.

Here is the list of contents:
Eleven of these track are available as an audio download, lasting 54 minutes. The audio is free with the book purchase.

* * * * *

The Edge
Painted Night
Sunday After the War
Old Spain
Cage at Night
Quartet for John Cage
Going Home
May Day in Oxford
At the Gate
The Invitation
Saturday Night Fever
The Wish
Morton Feldman Plays G
What Mother Says
The Prison
Paganini Five

* * * * *

At The Gate

I'm alive
and went to the party
I was there
and I danced
and sang
I dreamed
and made love
I took the drugs
and floated away
I sat on a gate
and admired the view
then dropped down dead

Where Am I Now
a spent force
used and abused
fallen from grace
sabotaged by my own free will
fallen by the side of the road
so soon to be forgotten
Here At The Gate
Can i come in
Is that a band I hear playing at the end of the street
Is that dancing I see before me
Dont you remember
I paid for my ticket a long time ago.
I may have lost it
when I fell off the gate
but surely you remember
the boy with that derelict smile
The Invitation

I said:
will you come home with me
She said:
where's home
I said:
Home? Ah, who knows
home is where you happen to be
She said:
home is where you feel comfortable
home is where you dream
home is where you feel love
home is where you are safe
I said:
can I come home with you?