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The Ultimate Real Estate
            Guide by John Clare

If you want to know how you can always read the market and know where it is going, here is the book that will tell you.

The knowledge it gives you will allow you to know where the market is going this year, next year, or any time. And that is not magic, itís science.

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My book doesn't tell you what will happen to the property markets next year, but it will tell you how you can work it out for yourself, and shows you precisely the things you need to look for. This is the only book you will ever need in order to be able to buy and sell property profitably.

This book will save you tens of thousands of pounds and decades of heartache.

I have been buying and selling real estate and writing about it for over forty years. I invented most of the metrics I use to value property, and I have a scientific approach which has been validated over the course of all those years and never yet found to be wanting.

How many other so-called experts do you know who have more than a forty year record of success. And that does of course include calling every top and every bottom in the UK and the Spanish property markets since the early seventies.

I can tell you how to value a house. No estate agent can do that and neither can a surveyor, because they don't know the difference between intrinsic value and sentiment value. Use the wrong value and you will be in trouble.