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Christmas 2020 -- The King's Breakfast

The King's Breakfast

With all the lockdowns most folks are going to be short of money this Christmas, and kissing under the mistletoe wearing a mask will feel a bit silly.
To brighten things up we've put out a new Christmas song: The Kings Breakfast (I'm sure you know the poem, now check out the song.)

The King's Breakfast

Back from the dead, John Clare, singer and songwriter with 80's band The Mockers has put The Kings Breakfast, that ever-popular poem from the Winnie the Pooh author, A A Milne, to music in a fun Christmas song.

The King's Breakfast: 3.53
Poem: A A Milne
Music: John Clare
Keyboards: John Hamilton
Vocal: John Clare
Extras: Daisy the cow
Production and engineering: C J Clare & John Hamilton
Cover Picture: Mini Designs
Contact Details:
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