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I have been trading various financial markets since the seventies, but I'm not keen on screen watching. This has led me to refine a single trade: a break of the opening five minute bar on the Dax. That's all I trade five days a week. At the time of writing my success rate is 62%.
Why not join me. You get two weeks totally FREE access. I just need your email address. I cant let you in without that address (that's how these boards work on Skype). I will not use your address for any other purpose. I too hate spam.
If you decide to continue after your FREE period, just return to this page and set up a payment profile to my Paypal account. Here's the link:

Join my Trading Platform

Monday to Friday at about 8.00 am I give out trades, and that includes direction of trade, entry point, and full management of the trade until final target is reached or we are stopped out.
That service is completely FREE for the first two weeks. After that I make a small monthly charge.
I generally trade 10 a point, which usually brings me in anything up to 3,000 a month. I thought charging 10% of that would be a reasonable price for the service, but let's start this service with a healthy discount. I'll start by only charging 145 a month, so that is what you'll pay to keep your access to the trading group, my recommendations and trade management.
You can, of course, cancel at any time.
Just so you can see how we have been doing recently, have a look at the stats for the last few months:
Oct '19: 19 trades, 13 wins 305 pips
Nov '19: 18 trades, 10 wins 112 pips
Dec '19: 10 trades, 7 wins 206 pips
Jan '20: 13 trades, 10 wins 179 pips
Feb '20: 13 trades, 9 wins 132 pips

This month I have only taken one trade, which was successful. Trading in these crazy markets can be dangerous to your wealth. I prefer to remain safe. The swings have been mega and totally unpredictable. I will start trading again when things calm down.