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Join the Girls -- The Toy Boy
There's only one teenage boy in the village. All the rest are girls, and they want a plaything.
This is  steamy; and it's FREE to get you introduced to the series.

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        Girls Get Frisky
One boy among five girls isn't enough. Their neighbour is no longer as exciting as he used to be. They need more boys.
Maybe it's time they learned to drive. There's a lot you can do with a car.
But maybe the strip poker game was a bit ambitious?

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Join the Girls -- A Bed in the
As their last summer together unwinds, secret hideaways and nocturnal shenanigans ensure another idyllic holiday for Johnsie and his girls. But changes are afoot. How is this going to end?

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What's Happened to Me?  The gang are frantic having no contact with Caroline for weeks. She has been whisked to South Africa against her will to prevent her from seeing Johnsie.
Will she be able to mastermind her way back to the gang and her true love?

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Join the
        Girls -- Struggling for Success Isabel is sent off to finishing school in Switzerland, ostensibly to mix with the right people and meet a more suitable match.
Rich and titled husband, or childhood sweetheart? Which one will it be?

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Gimme the Money The girls have been hidden away from Johnsie. Will he get them back?
He needs lots of money. But where from?
Write a million selling song? A very long shot. But is it worth a try?

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The Virginity Barrier Caroline is back from South Africa, and there is catching up to do.
The twins are nineteen. What nice girls want to be virgins at that age?
Caroline cant see the problem until Lydia asks if she can borrow her man. Then things get more complicated.

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