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John Clare

John Clare was born on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean, and has been a traveller ever since, having visited and lived in nearly a hundred countries. He now lives some of the time in an old farmhouse at the end of a dirt track in the Algarve.

He has been a company director in Central London, a road-sweeper, a mini-cab driver, a goat-herd in the mountains of Morocco. He's been a lawyer, a university lecturer, a property developer, and musician. He even used to perform in a pop band and still runs a record company and recording studio.

The Hello Girls series (seventeen volumes written so far and counting) has been developed from the initial autobiographical first volume. These books start with a bunch of kids living in a small village in England. They use each other as sexual playthings, but grow up, stay a tightly knit group, and go on to be successful people in their own specialities.

His current books include The Ultimate Real Estate Guide (he also invented buy-to-let and owns the longest running real estate site on the web). There are also several volumes of autobiography, including books on Spain and Portugal, and an introduction to Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.