John Clare -- The Songs

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The Mockers: One day I realized I was missing out on the fun, and I started a band called The Mockers. I'll put up some of their material in due course. But here's a sample.

The Tolkien Affair: Then I started writing a musical based upon that trilogy by Tolkien. EMI liked the songs and the idea. Even members of the Tolkien Foundation liked it. But a certain Christopher Tolkien didn't like my approach. It wasn't dinky dinky enough for him. I wasn't writing about cute little furry fun things. I was writing about real nice guys and really nasty blighters. He threatened EMI who pulled the plug on the venture, leaving me with volume one of a projected three volume set. I'll make that available in due course.
Electric: I then turned my attention to another concept album, all about wearable computers and the way of life that predicted. That album is coming shortly. But here's a short preview from one of the tracks.

For the Girls: In the meantime something odd happened in the music industry. People started liking music I thought was terribly old hat. But I can write in that style just as well as the rest. Have a look at the album.

Gimme the Money: This is issued together with my series of books called Hello Girls, based around a bunch of kids growing up. Here's a short extract from one of the tracks.