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The Last Troubadour
          in Spain  With Annabel in Spain

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The first book is about a lost way of life when Spain was still a medieval country under the iron grip of the Franco re gime.
Soldiers accompanied
the country buses to discourage bandits. The author joins in the fiestas, and serenades the seņoritas on their balconies. He is taken in by peasants, fed and befriended, and eventually comes to live in a village where he is the only person besides the priest who can read and write, and so becomes the village ears and eyes on the outside world, before the television and a less repressive education system make him redundant.
Another Day in the

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This is the story of a life lived a mile from the sea-shore in the Algarve at the beginning of this century, with all that foreign strangeness of local habits and customs woven around an Englishman's attempts to join in and settle down. I chronicle the highs, the lows, the dreams, and the reality. 
This is part of a whole series of books about life in Spain and Portugal reaching right back to the dark days of the dictatorships.