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Biden on a string:

Biden on a String

Clearly the US president has alzheimers, so who is pulling the strings?

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Requiem for America:

Requiem for America

Saddened by the recent events in the USA I paused to wonder what has happened to "The Land of the Free". I sincerely hope my requiem is premature.

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Christmas at Granny's:

Christmas at Granny's

This song was written some time back, but got forgotten. Now, at last, it is available.

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A Corona Christmas:

Ever tried making love while keeping a safe distance? The recommended distance is two metres.
The song is Social Distance Sex.
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The Freaks Are in Control (Lied to):

Day after day I'm lied to. I turn on the radio, read the paper...
What's going on? I cant help thinking that the patients have taken over the sanatorium. In short, the freaks are in control.
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Corona Carols:

Perhaps some carols need updating to bring them into line with our surreal world. I've put new words to Silent Night, and Good King Wenceslas. Check out these new versions.

Who's Next?

Tom Lehrer's song Who's Next? was about the atomic bomb and its proliferation. My version is about the territorial forays of China, not only into Tibet, the South China Sea, and Russia, no less, but even to claim rights in both the North Pole ice pack and the South Pole's chilly continent.
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For the Girls:

I'm writing a series of novels (17 so far) about a bunch of girls and a guy growing up successfully. Because I have spent a long time in the music business I put the boy into that world and made sure he was more successful than I was.
Here's one of his releases, part of an album especially for the girls.
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Walking Alone
How Can You Say
Please Dont Stop Loving Me
Tread Softly
All I Do

The Mockers:

The Mockers Live on tv

The Eighties band which issued several singles, and started the Mocker Olympics, which was featured on prime time tv.
I'll make the album available online in due course. Meanwhile, check out our first pop video You're a Mocker on Youtube.

The Tolkien Affair:

The Other lord of
            the rings

Then I started writing a musical based upon that trilogy by Tolkien. EMI liked the songs and the idea. Even members of the Tolkien Foundation liked it. But a certain Christopher Tolkien didn't like my approach. He threatened EMI who pulled the plug on the venture, leaving me with volume one of a projected three volume set. I'll make that available in due course.
I then turned my attention to another concept album, all about wearable computers and the way of life that predicted.

Electric album
That album is coming shortly. But here's a short preview from one of the tracks.
Gimme the Money:

This is issued together with my series of books called Hello Girls, based around a bunch of kids growing up. Here's a short extract from one of the tracks. (or two)