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The Moon Shone for Me 
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Life in England after the second world war as seen through the eyes of a small boy.

He is born on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean, and brought to post-war austerity England.

Some of the traumas left over from the war are frightening to a small child. A war casualty living in a shed in a bomb crater just to be near a doctor. A polish man visiting with his family who aren't there. It's all rather surreal.
Back home the boy is taken to parties where he ties Dylan Thomas's shoe-laces together, and is read stories by John Steinbeck.

He teams up with the builder's son to lob mud pies at Henry Moore's statues ranged in the next door garden. In another escapade he manages to bring the whole school out on strike.

In between these incidents the child weaves his way through a rural life that has long disappeared from view, from the horse-drawn harvest, to trying to find the lady ghosts chattering behind the piano.

This is the story of a charming, long vanished world, of jam making, milking the goats, and sucking honey from the honey-combs, and where the summers are for exploring, including night rides, and a series of amazing telephone scams that lead to the village night life going mad, till the police are called to stop a riot.

This world is shattered by his entry, aged ten, to boarding school, where the over-riding rule is a form of "Kill or be killed".

But over all this is a magic world where the moon shines above the apple tree.

* * * * *

There will be many more volumes to continue the story.