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New technology for the

The Greatest Decade

The Next Technology Revolution

The original version of this book has been banned by Amazon. What's going on? This means you need to get this book directly from me. Someone's frightened of the future. Gosh!
This book starts from two assumptions. That the way we live and work is already changing, and that the current conditions are very likely to speed up those changes.
What are those changes going to be, and how will life look at the end of this decade? In fact, how will life probably start to look much sooner than that? And how many jobs are going to disappear? And how will we get paid?
Driverless cars; working from home; augmented reality instead of travel; a totally new pension scheme; work? Is it going out of fashion? And much more...

Understanding Bitcoin 

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This is also available in audio format with some chapters in video. They are FREE with the book. Let me know where to send them.

Crypto-Currencies? Blockchains? This book is intended to explain what crypto-currencies and tokens are, how they function, how you can buy, hold, and sell them should you so wish, and how you can follow their prices on various exchanges.
There are chapters on Bitcoin, Etherium, and other major crypto-currencies. There are chapters about investing in mining shares, and Initial Coin Offers. There is even a chapter on how to get FREE cryptos.
There are a great many outlandish claims for new crypto-coins, most of which are scams, or simply non-starters. However, this will be mainstream within five years. All the big corporations are getting in on the act. Don't get left behind.

The Ultimate Real Estate Guide

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The only book on real estate you will ever need. It is a book which every property professional and wannabe should read, from the pen of the guy who invented buy-to-let and set up the longest-running real estate website.
I give a list of the metrics which property specialists should be observing, and show how they can always be used to show where we are in any particular property market, and how to use those metrics to buy and sell wisely.
I also cover one crucial problem with real estate: How to find the real value of a house, and you dont go to an estate agent. This also works in tourist places where most buyers are being ripped off.
There are chapters on buying property as part of a pension scheme, a chapter on the best way to get started with buy-to-let, property reversions, and a thorough investigation into the off-plan market, with copious warnings on what to beware.

How to Avoid Real Estate Scams

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This is a shortened version of The Ultimate Real Estate Guide, homing in on the basics for the average reader.

This book has one very simple purpose, to tell you how to value a house or an apartment without having to rely on the adspeak of the smiling real estate agent. It also explains some very common scams, and once you know what they are and how they work, you can easily avoid them.
This book will save you thousands.