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All of these poems are available in book form, and as audio files.

One of my longer poems has been up on Youtube for some time. It was written to a dare from the Daily Mail. The basic line was: Isn't there a living poet who can be our Shakespeare in our hour of need over Brexit?

As you can see, I rose to the challenge, and the piece seems to have gone down well.
Here's the link


This piece also goes down well when I do one of my rare performances. It also happens to be a favourite of mine, and takes me back to the occasion I went to the second performance of the ballet with my wife to watch Fonteyne and Nureyev.

I will add this to my Youtube channel and link.

The Virgin and the Moon

This poem is part of my glorious youth when love and goodwill were in the air, plus a spot of assistance from some strange coloured tablets.

I will also add this to my Youtube channel and link.