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I first got interested in sounds and poetry from an early age. I have always liked the idea of poetry as a lyric, and that includes the song lyric.
When I started writing it was hip to visit folk clubs and listen to beat poetry recited to the accompaniment of a guitar. I soon got bored with that.
My first real foray into the genre was when I was fifteen and did the essential trip into the wilderness to discover myself.
I hadn't yet encountered Jack Kerouac, so my discovery of his book The Dharma Bums was still a couple of years away. But there must have been something in the air.
I hitch-hiked from my home just north of London all the way to Penzance, and then on to Lands End where I caught a small plane to St Mary's, one of the Isles of Scilly.
Even that wasn't far enough. I cadged a ride in a small boat to Tresco, where there were no roads, no cars, and almost no people. I camped on a patch of ground a few yards back from the sea.
I stayed a week, and tried to learn something. I suspect I learned nothing in particular, but I wrote the poem with the guitar accompaniment.
I have uploaded a short sample from the beginning of this piece.


As I develop this site I will add a stage with a link to my Youtube channel, and you will be able to come in and listen to more and more of my material, and I hope you will bring your friends.
Here is a piece I wrote after meeting John Cage. Despite what I say in the poem the music is mine not his.

Quartet for John Cage


This is a piece I wrote when I was fifteen, and used to play piano long into the night. The music is from Liszt's Years of Pilgrimage. There is a clip on the poetry home page.
I will gradually load these files onto my Youtube channel.