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My poetry is dangerous.
It reaches the parts other poets cannot reach.
I like mucking about with words. Those who have a message should perhaps stick to prose. Those who want to copy should perhaps take photographs. Poetry is for those who want to create and mess around with language, and touch the soul.
I've written half hour poems telling stories, short game-playing verse, a form of playlet, cloud poems, rhymed verse, sonnets... You name it, I've tried it.
Here's one of my cloud poems. You'll find more in the section on concrete art.

Cloud Poems
I do of course write in a traditional style as well. You will find more examples on the imagist pages.

The Nightingale

I am the nightingale
and I sing
because I cannot sleep
and so my voice
searches in the dark
to write my name in song

I am the nightingale
so wound up
by the spring of life
that makes me sing
and I will never know
the consequences

I am the nightingale
Hear me and rejoice
that I
although I cannot sleep
have found a beauty in my soul
that I can share with you

Sound Poems

Meditation - (clip)

This was written when I was fifteen. I will be listing several of these sound files on my Youtube channel. In the meantime check out my Sound Collage page. And don't forget to click through to the cloud poems as well.

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Unfortunately I need to re-code all my animations as they were done on Flash, and that is no longer compatible with the latest html codex.
If you want to know when they are ready drop me your email address, and I'll let you know.

Concrete Poems


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