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Governments Are Obsolete

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I'm fascinated by the changes the world has seen this century. Modern biology, blockchain technology, and disintermediation, together with AI are changing the world out of all recognition. I hope it starts to change politics. If it doesn't we are doomed. I make a few suggestions.
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Hello Girls -- The Toy Boy  The Girls Get Frisky
These are the first two books in a series of seventeen books so far.
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The Last Troubador in Spain  What's in the Suitcase?

I've travelled through nearly 100 countries and lived and worked in about 30. The more places I go, the more I realise how little of the planet I have experienced.
So little time...
Some of my Poetry Books

The Nile Trilogy by Johnsie St
            Clare  Curtain by Johnsie
          St Clare

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Real Estate

The UltimateReal Estate

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