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How to Wreck the World

The original version of this book was banned by Amazon. This means you need to get this book directly from me.
This book starts from two assumptions. That the way we live and work is already changing, and that the current conditions are very likely to speed up those changes.
What are those changes going to be, and how will life look at the end of this decade? In fact, how will life probably start to look much sooner than that? And how many jobs are going to disappear? And how will we get paid?
Corona virus insanity; Driverless cars; working from home; augmented reality instead of travel; a totally new pension scheme; work, is it going out of fashion? A cure for blindness. And much more...

Bitcoin and
Understanding Bitcoin 
This is also available in audio format with some chapters in video. They are FREE with the book. Let me know where to send them.

Real Estate Scams & How
              to Value a House  The UltimateReal Estate Guide

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