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House Buying in the Algarve
   April 19
The Lagoa Wine Fair   April 5
The Monchique Sausage Fair   March 14
The Aljezur Sweet Potato Fair   December 5
The Great Algarve Stink   Sept 7
The Algarve - A Revaluation Part Three   Sept 1
The Algarve - A Revaluation Part Two   August 23
The Algarve - A Revaluation   August 16
Wine and Horses   May 3
A Curious Five Star Hotel   April 17 2014
Poisonous Shellfish in the Algarve   Dec 14
Destruction of Portuguese Markets   Dec 7
Autumn   Nov 19
Good Food   Oct 19
Rental Prices   Aug 31
Silves Again   Aug 17
Silves Medieval Fair   Aug 10
First Detroit then Lisbon?   Aug 3
Time to Leave?   July 20
Dont Play Bingo in Portugal   July 7
Machine Guns in the Local Market   May 4
Dead-End Street   April 26
The Two Sides of Portugal   April 20
Summer's Coming   April 13
Dogs Homing Instinct   April 6
Rummaging in the Dustbins   March 29
Orange Wine in the Algarve   March 23
Medieval Courts in Portugal   March 9
How to Kick-start the Economy   March 3
Crime in the Algarve   16 Feb
Party Time   9 Feb
Day Trip   1 Feb
Good News for a Change   27 January 2013
Then and Now
New Year
Drugs and Death   29 December 2012
Sweet Thoughts of Christmas   21 December 2012
Rule of Law (Lack of...)   15 December 2012
Portuguese Red Tape
More Apartments for Sale   25 November 2012
Bringing in the Olives   17 November 2012
The Mediterranean Garden Fair   3 November 2012
Algarve in the Autumn
Algarve Beaches
Is the Algarve Finished?   October 2012
A Bad Week in the Algarve   September 2012
Corruption in Portugal   September 2012
Seasons in the Sun   A short story about life in the Algarve

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